Choosing us you will not only get a great and modern cars, but safety and care as well.

We offer our customers only modern and comfortable cars produced by world-famous corporations such as: Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others.
You can always make a choice, and we will satisfy your requirements be it rental, lease or purchase of a car.

Our fleet

Our employees

All our employees are polite and courteous. From the first minute you will feel safe and comfortable. Each member of our team is focused on providing the highest quality service to all our customers. If you need any help, you always know where to find it.

Taxi transfer from the airport

As soon as you arrive in Latvia a professional and attentive taxi driver from our company will meet you. He will take you to the intended destination and will never mislead you. You can relax and not be concerned with immediate payment, and at the end of your visit you will receive a bill with a detailed breakdown of your expenses.